Ristorante Il Feriolo

Going 1 Km over Vetta alle Croci, direction Borgo San Lorenzo, and leaving the Faentina street turning right on a small road, You will find an ancient fortified monastery, ancient like the traditions of Tuscany.

In this wonderful place we have created an environment where You have the possibility of tasting flavours of the typical Tuscan cuisine, with particular care in the preparation of the game and in the research of the best mushrooms and truffles.

We also take particular care of the wine selection: genuine and precious wines selected among the best Tuscan and national wine cellars to exalt our sought after dishes.

Il Feriolo restaurant proposes different types of cuisine, according to the demands and the applications of our clients.

Among these, the traditional kitchen Tuscan, the international kitchen with realization of specific complete menù-vegetarian, jest us, etc. - and the kitchen of search with flat experimental of our invention or personalized.